January 28, 2023

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Why Is Male Chastity Good for Women?

It comes as a huge surprise to many people to discover male chastity is as beneficial and pleasurable for women as it is for the men who beg them for it.

Why is it such a surprise?

Because the whole male chastity thing is very much off the radar for most women. Yes, there is the very occasional woman who comes across the idea first and then talks her man into it, but in the main it’s a very male-driven thing (as an aside, I would simply love to be a fly on the wall when a woman says to her man, “honey… I don’t think you should orgasm for a while… no… I don’t mean we’re not going to make love… I mean I’m going to be having the orgasms and you’re going to be waiting for yours for a few weeks“).

So where is the benefit for women?

Well, from long experience I can share three huge ones with you right now. You can share these with your beloved if you’re seeking male chastity yourself and tell her this is from one woman to another.

First… your sex life is going to be several orders of magnitude better. I know as well as the next woman how “routine” it can get.

It’s not that we don’t fancy our men any more or that we’ve gone off them… it’s just that we have other things on our mind and that, coupled with their inattention to the finer points of lovemaking mean it’s often just another chore for us.

With male chastity, that all changes. Pretty much overnight he’s going to become the ardent, focused and insatiable lover you remember him as being when you first met.

Secondly… your emotional connection will become much stronger. One of the big problems in relationships is the loss of that emotional intimacy. When he becomes more focused on you, that all changes.

He’s actually going to be interested when you talk about your day, and not just rolling his eyes heavenwards.

And thirdly… over time it helps you grow into a more assertive, loving and self-aware woman. This one is hard to explain, but every woman I’ve corresponded with who has taken strict male chastity and orgasm denial seriously with their husbands — even, and maybe especially to the point of permanent orgasm denial — has found a new lease of life within themselves.

This sounds very much like female domination, but it’s not, I assure you. It’s more a case of we become more aware of how we are loved and desired and so our self-esteem grows. Hard to explain but truly fantastic to experience.

If you’re a woman reading this, either because you’ve been shown it by your man, or you’re looking for resources yourself to try and persuade your man to give male chastity a try, I promise you, so long as your relationship is solid and loving, and you want to add more spice and intimacy to your life, then it’s well worth finding out more about male chastity and giving it a try.