January 27, 2023

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"Tales of the Titmouse – One Woman’s Journey Out of Darkness" Author Pamela Barrett – Book Review

Pamela Barrett writes about her personal struggles with drug addition and how she eventually was able to free herself from this destructive lifestyle in her book Tales of the Titmouse: One Women’s journey out of Darkness.

In the third chapter Pamela decides to be with Cristobal, a man whom she hardly knows but is very much connected in the drug world. She introduces Cristobal to her parents who quiz him up and down relentlessly about himself, his family and his past. Both parents are certainly not satisfied with the answers and do not trust Cristobal, but ultimately Pamela decides to start her life with him and they move to Mexico.

This decision changes Pamela’s life. Drugs become a part of her life. The more she is with Cristobal the more she begins to see maybe he isn’t as honest as he portrayed himself. Cristobal makes big promises to Pamela. He said he would give her $20,000 to study hairstyling in France and she will be able to have her own hair salon. Pamela’s life began to spin out of control with moving multiple times, breaking up then making up, studying New Age religious beliefs, and making poor decisions all influenced by drugs.

Following Pamela Barrett through her struggle with addiction and her relationship with Cristobal is as heart wrenching as it is compelling. By revealing in detail her most inner thoughts and experiences, Pamela takes us on a harrowing journey through a relationship torn by drug addition, mental abuse and deceit. It is a long and painful process she and many others have been forced to endure. Pamela’s eventual triumph over these issues is a testament both to Pamela’s strength and her devotion to her values. The author’s success, words of advice, and hope are an inspiration to everyone.

Pamela would have never been able to conquer her addition if it were not for her faith in God and being obedient to His word. This book is both inspirational and educational.

Title: Tales of the Titmouse: One Woman’s Journey out of Darkness

Author: Pamela Barrett

Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

ISBN-10: 1432748343

Pages: 234, Paperback

Genre: Christian Non-Fiction/Memoir/Self-Improvement/Spirituality

Reviewed by: Nicole Sorkin, Pacific Book Review