January 28, 2023

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Online Single Dating – Play Rugby and Find the Perfect Partner

We all had our careers on line and under control. What was good for Elaine was that she went looking for the ideal partner and did not sit back and wait. Not looking in the obvious places but finding a niche area. Most people will agree that you will find your ideal partner within a 15 mile radius of where you live. Presuming it is built up and populated.

Now all that has changed with the development of internet dating. You can place your profile online, and locate a date within seconds. Obviously I have to point out it may not be the ideal date but you need to look and research, put your face in a place were it can be found. Just like Elaine did not so long ago. If you do not want to trawl the discos pubs and clubs for a partner perhaps this is the ideal way to do it. Although as a young person I would probably not put all my eggs in the same basket. But divide my attention between the internet and keeping up the social network /scene.

The main advantage of the internet in our busy lives and with less time to put aside finding a partner. You can place your profile online and wait till dates come to you or push the issue and chase a date yourself. All in the comfort of your own home 24/7 and in your pyjamas. I could not do that years ago I would have to spruce myself up put my best clobber on after shave and comb my hair. Spend money on club entrance fees, taxi and booze. I know from experience that a lot of the time I would end up rat arsed and in a Curry House. Oh! but good times.

Was I successful – maybe sometimes, but none of the girls stuck around. The reason is that it is not easy discovering everything compatible about a date in a noisy club or pub. You are only making an evaluation on looks and how good she is at dancing. Well it is a start you could say, and these times are important in the development of understanding relationships so they can not be ignored. But they were not very successful at long term relationships.

But internet dating promises more including throwing your net wider to catch more fish. You can get to know your chosen date through their profile, interests, likes and dislikes in fact everything about them. Chat online or see each other on a web cam. Explore all the things that you would do normally and at your own pace in your own time. If you take the time to get to know each other first and find out how compatible you are to each other. It will bring results in the long term. Practically you are getting to know them as friends first lovers later. That is the basis for a long term relationship once the lust wears off.

There are so many plus points to think off when using the Online Internet Dating sites. That you should not avoid using it when trying to find a mate. I would use the internet (if I did not have Elaine) together with socializing with your friends in bars and clubs.

Use the best of both worlds to find your perfect partner. You will succeed if you look in the right places just like Elaine did when she came looking for a partner at my Rugby Club.