January 27, 2023

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Mistakes Most Singles Make Online

As singles, we are more than aware of the mistakes we make offline! But now we are on a different turf! The mistakes that most singles make online are…

Trying to come across as being too sexy or too much of a stud. For some reason, we believe that will attract more of the opposite sex. It will attract more of the opposite sex, but the “quality” of the singles you attract may not be the types of singles you would want to form a relationship with. It is usually better to be more selective when it comes to sharing the “sexual” side of ourselves online.

Another mistake, is not posting a photo. Maybe you don’t want your ex, family, or co-workers to think you are that “desperate”. It has nothing to do with desperation.

Whenever I see a profile without a photo, I always wonder why. In my mind, I automatically decide this person is trying to hide or they are very unattractive. If you feel you have to “hide” and “sneak” around on the internet to find your love interest? Then you really are not ready for internet dating yet.

Single women usually make the mistake of talking too much about their children. We don’t have to convince the world we are the number one mom! This is not the forum for that. In the beginning, acknowledging that you have children is more than enough information.

Gentlemen commonly make the mistake of “show casing” their possessions and financial worth. Then they get a little confused when they continuously attract “gold diggers”!

If we try to avoid just these mistakes online, we will have better results!