January 27, 2023

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Male Chastity, Marriage and Your Relationship

It is true that with male chastity marriage can become revitalised and fun as you both begin to appreciate each other more and start enjoying those “early days” feelings you had at the beginning; but what’s not true is everything else in your life has to change, too.

This is, in my opinion, A Good Thing.

Because the truth is, we don’t want everything to change. In fact, we human beings, in the main, don’t actually like change very much, and when we hear people say (and perhaps even say ourselves), “I want to completely change my life!“, what we’re really saying is “I’d like to change the bad bits and leave the other bits as they are“.

In short, we want things to be better, but as much like they are now as possible.

So when your husband or wife comes to you and says he or she want to try this new game of male chastity, marriage doesn’t suddenly have to change its dynamics and become something you perhaps don’t want it to be, like a “female led” relationship where you find yourself wearing the trousers, or suddenly have your man turn into a weak and spineless shadow of his former self.

Call me old fashioned, but I like my men to be masculine, strong and gentlemanly, NOT weak, subservient and following me around like a little puppy-dog trying to please me in the hope to get a pat on the head.

And most women feel the same way . See, it’s entirely reasonable for you to worry that when you embrace male chastity marriage suddenly becomes less of a partnership and more of a one-way street where the women suddenly takes control of everything, not just her husband’s orgasm.

And this is absolutely not the case with the vast majority of marriages where the wife and husband begin to explore this aspect of their sexuality.

In most cases it becomes an enhancement to the aspects of their relationship they want enhancing, like their sex-lives, the depth of their emotional intimacy and the amount of pure enjoyment and fun they have, while adding no negatives at all.

Of course this is all predicated on both parties, you and your husband or wife, fully understanding what’s expected of you, and what you can expect in return.

This in turn revolves around your understanding of male chastity, marriage, and what it really means.

And the good news, as we’ve seen, is that you don’t have to radically change your way of life, the way you relate to each other for the vast majority of the time, or how you tend to run your relationship as you travel along your day-to-day journey through life with your spouse.

Too often I see women, confronted with their husband’s desire for her to take control of his orgasms, recoil in fear because they read the hype and unrealistic information on Internet Blogs and Forums and assume what they’re reading is not only true (it’s not, in the main) but it’s a necessary consequence of male chastity in marriage.

And it’s not – so you can stop worrying NOW and just enjoy the gift he’s giving you – the control of his orgasms.