January 27, 2023

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In Memory Gifts

Losing a family member, friend or colleague to death is one of life’s most difficult and heart wrenching occurrences. Fortunately, there are ways to commemorate the life of a deceased loved one in a real and tangible way. In Memory gifts are among the very best ways to do so. In Memory gifts may be presented to grieving family memories or friends of the deceased. They can also be purchased for one self to display or to keep tucked away in a private, special place. Placing a gift of tribute at the grave of the deceased is another way to honor the loved one.

An In Memory gift can pay tribute to the deceased by comforting and supporting those that loved him or her or by personally memorializing them. The goal, either way, is to meaningfully celebrate the life of the deceased. Memorial crosses, candles, garden stones and totems, are a few examples of popular In Memory gifts. Each of the aforementioned would make an appropriate gift to the bereaved (family members and/or friends of the deceased), or purchased for oneself.

When choosing a sympathy gift, it is important to consider the life and loves of the departed. A gift that would best capture the person’s spirit and interests is ideal. For instance, an appropriate memorial gift for an individual who was active in the community might be a monetary gift, given in their memory, to his or her favorite charity. A garden memorial stone purchased in the deceased’s honor might be appropriate for someone who loved to garden. It can be difficult to go wrong as long as care, love and thought are given when choosing a remembrance gift.

A gift of remembrance can be both honoring and comforting. These types of gifts honor the memory of the departed in a way that’s tangible and real. They also allow others to share in the celebration of the individual’s life.

In Memory gifts can provide a great deal of comfort to the family members and friends of the deceased. During a time that’s marked with great pain and loss for those left behind, knowing that there are people who not only cared about their loved one, but those he or she left behind, can provide a great deal of solace. A sympathy gift is a physical reminder of that fact and a great way to not only provide comfort but to memorialize the deceased in a manner that’s truly special.