January 28, 2023

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How Do You Forward Mail When Moving Abroad?

Moving abroad gives you the chance to start life over again in a new city and a new country. You might love the idea of stopping by a little cafe in Paris on your way to work, or you might enjoy looking out your window and seeing London looking back at you.

While you already know that you need to hire professional international movers, do you know what to do about your mail? When you move to a new city within the same country, you can file a change of address form with the post office, but when you move to a new country, the process isn’t always as easy.

Why Forward Your Mail?

Regardless of where you’re headed, you still need to forward your mail. While you don’t need those sale advertisements and junk mail that comes to your home, you do need paperwork from the government, information that former employers send and other paperwork. If you decide not to forward your mail, you might miss out on a check that someone sends you or those holiday cards that family and friends deliver.

Mail Forwarding Companies

Mail forwarding companies are companies that act as an American address for you. The company will give you an address based in the United States that you can use. It will then collect the mail that arrives in your box and forward it on to your new address overseas. If you’re interested in traveling abroad instead of moving abroad, you can even sign a contract for a shorter period of time. The company will send your mail to you, and you can cancel your plan when you come back to the country.

Talking to the Post Office

When you change addresses, always let the post office know before you move. The post office will stop sending mail to your former address, and if you register a new address, it can send that mail to you. When you move overseas, you might consider changing your address to that of a friend or family member. Your loved one can accept the mail that you get and send it to your new home. When you decide that moving abroad is the right choice for you, don’t forget to cancel magazine subscriptions and remove yourself from any mailing lists that send items to you.

Though you probably have a million things running through your mind before an international move, forwarding mail is crucial. Bills could be missed and damage your credit if mail is not forwarded. If you’ve already made a checklist for your move, don’t forget to include forwarding your mail!