January 28, 2023

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Christening Gifts – Giving Blessings For A Baby

In the Christian Faith, if you intend to bring your child up as a Christian the first step is to get the child christened. This used to be a strict religious requirement but although it is still taken seriously, people’s motivations are slightly different these days as it’s also an excuse to have a get-together with all your family and friends and celebrate. I do love any excuse for a party and let’s face it, who doesn’t?

Depending on your church will depend on how strict they are about your attendance before and after the Christening. Some clergy like to see you in regular attendance and some don’t mind as long as you make it to church on big occasions. Some don’t even require that!


The fundamentals of a Christening is getting the child to agree that they believe in Jesus and repenting their sins. These are the traditional requirements but in recent years it has been called into question how a baby or young child can agree to these things. Because of the seriousness of this promise, some people opt to have a blessing instead and let the child decide for themselves when they get old enough.

Once you’ve decided what type of service you want you arrange it all with your vicar. They help to personalise the ceremony and tell you about any stipulations they have about when they would prefer to hold the ceremony like in their big Sunday service. Some churches will want more information about the faith and baptism of the parents and godparents. Historically, the child’s godparents should be people with strong Christian beliefs and people you would trust to look after your child if something happened to you. More and more these days, people are chosen because they are a close friend or relative rather than being selected to be an understudy parent. Are they likely to be there for your child in twenty years time? It’s a very serious consideration. In the past it has been traditional for a girl to have two godmothers and one godfather and for boys to have two godfathers and one godmother. These days you can choose whatever and however many you want.

With regards to christening gowns, some people use family heirloom gowns that are used by every generation of that family. Some choose to buy a new one or one from a vintage shop to start their own traditions. If the child is a bit older when they are christened, they have a little suit or a smart dress but appropriate to the occasion.

On the day, you will need to turn up in good time before the service. The congregation are required to repeat the vows and then there will be a specific bit for the baptism and for the godparents to make their declarations.

After the service, there is usually a small ‘tea’ where people can sit and celebrate and eat and drink. If people have brought cards and presents, this is when they are handed over. Christening gifts were always very old fashioned until recently when more modern, unusual gifts have become popular. Where people perhaps used to give silver ornamental rattles or money boxes, things like ‘Baby Blessings Jars’ are now the thing to give. Each jar contains little bits of heart shaped paper for people to write what they wish for the child in their life. It is a great gift that won’t just get shoved in a box or at the back of a cupboard and will be cherished and enjoyed for many years to come